Exploring Habitats, Hands-On Nature for Young Children, Pop-Up Class Series & Writing Project

This pop-up class series was designed for a preschool camp at Children's World, Ventura.  The week's theme was Heal the World, Exploring Habitats. Lessons revolved around a different habitat each day: desert, river, ocean, forest, beach, and were meant to show children the importance of caring for our natural environment.  Topics included were camouflage, animal tracks, animal homes, globes and maps, patterns in nature, the water cycle, worms and composting, and science experiments.  Lessons were taught using habitat boxes, imagination exercises, sensory experiences, outdoor education group challenges, and craft building.  Many of these hands-on nature activities come from years of outdoor educations lessons taught in the field for elementary and middle school children and teach classic environmental education themes.  These lessons are available for purchase.